I offer expertise on human rights topics with a focus on policy advice. Priority topics:

National Human Rights Institutions

This type of institution brought about new dynamics in the protection and promotion of human rights between the national and the international level.

Evaluations of organizations and projects

Evaluations of organizations and projects offer a space for reflection and often lead to major change processes.

Gender and diversity as cornerstones of institutional development

Any institution benefits from a revision of content and structure of their activities in light of gender and diversity of those to whom their work is addressed and those who contribute to their implementation.

Peace operations of the UN and the EU

Human rights- and gendercomponents considerably contribute to the sustainability of peace processes and related missions. What is their place within these complex operations?

Human Rights Dialogue

The international human rights community gave a new importance to dialogue processes with the Universal Periodic Review. This gives backing to human rights dialogues of individual countries or the EU.