• Federal Foreign Office, Berlin
  • Bread for the World, Berlin
  • Christian-Schwarz-Schilling-Project, Berlin
  • Church Development Service, Bonn
  • Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Berne
  • Frontlinedefenders, Dublin
  • German Institute for Human Rights, Berlin
  • Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GIZ, Eschborn
  • Heinrich-Böll-Foundation, Berlin
  • Medica Mondiale, Cologne
  • Misereor e.V., Aachen and Berlin
  • Organisation Contre La Torture Tunisienne, Tunis
  • Organisation Mondiale Contre la Torture, Geneva
  • Swiss Center of Competency for Human Rights, Berne
  • UNDP, Hanoi, Vietnam
Dr. Ilona Auer-Frege, Head of Misereor office Berlin

Since the beginning of the year I run the Berlin office of Misereor, and Mrs Seidensticker coached and advised me for several months during a process of restructuring the office. I highly appreciated her well funded knowledge. Building a new and bigger team implied new modalities, agreements and processes, and these were developed with Mrs. Seidensticker. An excellent moderator, she easily saw key issues and drew our attention to feasible solutions.  With her help, our internal communication strongly improved. Her regard from outside the organization helped us enormously to bring about change and achieve a deeper level of reflection.

J. Benedetto, USA, individual client

Frauke is a committed, extraordinary coach who has helped me to create positive change for a better, richer life. I came to her at first with a laundry list of desires—more money, more travel, etc. And over time, as Frauke listened to my story and made subtle yet powerful suggestions, a new life began to emerge. I did get a better-paying job along the way, but more importantly, my world has expanded to include new ways of thinking that have naturally evolved into exploring new situations, having better relationships, and experiencing overall well-being. Frauke has this infinite patience and this ability to tune into a person’s outmoded belief system – gently deconstructing it with some warmhearted and humorous questions. Her unusual depth of understanding about how life really works is the essential core of her coaching style.

Dr. Monika Lueke, Commissioner for Integration and Migration of the State Berlin, former Secretary General, German Section of Amnesty International

Since October 2009 I have been working with Frauke Lisa Seidensticker as my coach and consultant for me as the head of the German Section of Amnesty International, a position I took up in July 2009. The consultancy covers my role as the head of an organization of some 68 staff members, my accountability to a voluntary Board of Trustees and ranges from questions of structure, organization and human resource management to strategic priorities. In our regular meetings Frauke Seidensticker encourages me to develop my own solutions. Her calm and clearly structured approach is ideal for me as a coachee. Her outstanding ability to easily analyse any situation have enabled me to leave all sessions with a suitable solution for my current challenges. Frauke Seidensticker attentively follows the implementation of results of our sessions. Her coaching includes dialogue, designs and systemic constellations. Frauke Seidensticker is well grounded in strategic thinking, in my view a vital quality for anyone who coaches leaders. I know Frauke Seidensticker looks back to more than 20 years management experience in non-profits including mandates in many developing countries. This is probably why her ideas have this outstanding quality of creativity and applicability.

Armin Hasemann, Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation, Berlin, Germany

While in the past years I ran two country offices of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation – first in Pakistan, then in Algeria – Frauke Lisa Seidensticker supported me in the restructuring and consolidation of my multinational teams. After an analysis of the existing structure of personnel and management – against the backdrop of the needs arising out of our projects – distributions of responsibilities, assignments and gaps, with her guidance, were identified easily in individual and team dialogues and processes became transparent. This became the basis for new job descriptions and detailed internal guidelines for organizational structures and management procedures. I particularly appreciated Ms Seidensticker´s targeted interventions to handle and end smouldering conflicts the implementation of which brought about a noticeable change in the working atmosphere.

Jeannette Böhme, Civil Peace Service / German Development Service

Frauke Seidensticker, as my coach, backs up my work as a civil peace expert. She successfully supports me in challenging and sometimes violent conflicts around land rights, resources and human rights violations. The analysis and the reflection of difficult conflicts, the development of options and leeway for my undertakings are invaluable results of the coaching process – for me as a peace expert as much as for me as a colleague in a multicultural team and a private individual.

Wolfgang Amadeus Bruelhart, Head of the Human Rights Policy Section from 2004 to 2007 in the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Berne, Switzerland

Frauke Lisa Seidensticker supported the Human Rights Policy Section of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs from 2005 to 2007 with concepts, studies and evaluations in the field of human rights dialogues, one of the key instruments of Swiss human rights policy. With these projects, she substantially contributed to the advancement of Swiss human rights dialogues.