I offer consultancy to executives regarding all aspects of leadership and management of institutions. My approach is based on a mix of academic research and my own long-standing leadership experience. Only a creative consulting process results in conclusive solutions. My offer includes the following processes:

Institution building and change management

Building a professional and well-functioning institution from the outset opens the way for successful output. The employment and the promotion of excellent, motivated staff allows a dynamic development of the services you offer. Professional change management opens up space for adjustments, growth and new tasks.

Strategic leadership

A solid planning cycle needs to be supported by stakeholders and institutional bodies and is, in the best case, highly motivating for staff members. A good strategic plan, going beyond an activity list tagged with a timeline, ensures that you reach and convince your target audience.

Quality Management

No matter what you’re offering, there is always a requirement of an ongoing quality management for your products and the related internal processes.

International Co-operation

The success of international networks depends on rules of co-operation that ensure coherent external presentation as well as complementarity of individual organizations. A network or a group of organizations experiences an innovative boost with the introduction of an organizational peer review.


Evaluations are key to institutional learning and development. A thoughtful evaluation design, asking the right questions, is as essential as expertise in the given subject.

I will be happy to develop a tailor-made offer on your request.