Frequently asked questions


What is your approach?

I love to sit with another human in a conversation and to watch what is generated in a space of trust and candor. It is the observation of creative processes. Our sessions are not to prove the effectiveness of a methodology. YOU are my only agenda. Our sessions are dedicated to your questions. At the same time I will draw your attention away from life circumstances to how your reality is created. The key factor of what will really make a difference in your life are insights – your insights.

How do I know whether you are the coach I am looking for?

You can’t know that. This is why I offer a session of one or two hours initially for which I waive the fee. You experience coaching with me. Then you are in a position to decide whether you want to continue.

Who are your clients?

I have the privilege to coach amazing human beings who change the world. Among them are CEOs, human rights experts, peace builders, artists, philosophers, human resources experts, cultural scientists, editors, consultants and university teachers.

Where did you learn? Are you a certified coach?

I completed three certified coach trainings: Coach U is certified by the International Coach Federation; a Master in NLP and a training as Certified Transformative Coach by Michael Neill. Intuition and its application in leadership have been guiding me in my work for 25 years.

How many sessions does a coaching-cycle include?

This is what we decide together in an initial conversation. Annual coaching of 50 sessions allows profound change. Leaders often decide to take a monthly session; many continue this for years. Or you may just want a nudge to get behind the next corner – then you take three sessions (the absolute minimum to get processes going) and you will get a glimpse of the benefits of dedicated conversation partner who gives you full attention.