Coaching is a process of conversations that build on intuition, intelligence and integrity. You become capable of taking steps in a direction that seemed out of reach up until now, calm instead of feeling restless and what before looked like an unsurmountable obstacle changes into a signpost. You find more under frequently asked questions.

I coach according to the high professional standards of the International Coach Federation.

I invite you to an initial conversation for which I waive the fee.  You and I get to know each other, and you will experience a coaching conversation with me.  The following is a selection of packages to give you an idea of how we could work:

Annual Coaching

This is the package for those individuals who want to achieve profound change in their lives. A frequent rhythm of sessions gives space, time and attention for your reflections. Positive solutions are a by-product of the clarity that comes from thinking through your questions, making conscious decisions, and acting on inspiration! This has a minimum of 50 hours of coaching per year, including assigned literature to read, with a great degree of flexibility in case of urgent concerns that may require immediate attention.

Coaching for professionals and executives

Professional and personal coaching for individuals in leadership or executive positions. Packages start from 12 sessions per year, with the frequency and timing to be mutually agreed upon according to your scheduling needs.

Professional or personal re-orientation: The short package

A spotlight on one key question or situation in your life. There is a minimum of three sessions within a shorter time frame. The package may include preparation material.

Fees on request, plus VAT, depending on your home country.